Marketplace Definitions

Boston Based eCommerce Technology Company

Acktify is a Boston based Frictionless Commerce Platform © that sells directly to consumers on various types of global marketplaces. We are a Top 50 Seller on every marketplace we service and have delivered a 5 year 33% Compounded Annual Growth Rate on our diverse product catalog with over 500,000 items. We have tens of thousands of annual consumer reviews, which have overall landed us a 98% positive customer feedback rating.

We work with the following marketplaces:

  • Amazon– This marketplace is the leading online retailer in the world, with global sales of 107 billion dollars and a US marketplace of 40 billion dollars in sales with 779,000 sellers. It has 390 million unique visitors in the United States alone.
  • eBay– eBay offers a unique buying experience and has global sales of 20 billion dollars. It is a US marketplace of 15 billion dollars in sales with 1,779,000 sellers and has 200 million unique visitors in the United States alone.
  • Jet– Jet is a distributer in eCommerce and is the newest of the marketplace companies. It offers a new, consumer-tailored value proposition.
  • Wal-Mart– Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer and is now a marketplace company. It offers tighter, more consolidated product offerings.
  • Alibaba– This is the largest international marketplace with the biggest IPO in world history. More products are for sale direct from the factory and from any platform in the world.

If you wish to sell your products on global marketplaces such as these, work with the professionals at Acktify. We are waiting to help your company expand and your business increase. Contact our office

Why Work for Acktify?

  • Flexible working schedule, we all have families and lives to focus on too !
  • Innovative Company
  • Customer First Mentality
  • Growing in Excess of 50% Each Year
  • One of the Industry Leaders in the Future of Retail, Online Marketplaces