Principles and Culture

What makes Acktify great?

Even though we are a fairly new company, Acktify has become one of the industry leaders in the growing world of online marketplaces. We have quickly become ranked as a Top 50 Seller on every marketplace we service, including Amazon, eBay, and Jet. Overall, we have a 98% positive customer feedback rating across every platform.

How have we become so successful, you may wonder? Our company’s mission is our customers—plain and simple. They are what make our company prosperous, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure they are happy at all times. We understand customers and their changing habits, which is why we are constantly updating our shipping, products, experiences, and services. Our team competes daily to be the on-line consumers, the global marketplaces, and our suppliers’ first choice.

We Never Settle

While some eCommerce companies would be satisfied with our success, at Acktify we continue to push forward to seek further triumph and more ways to enhance our customer service experience. Our team works around the clock so our customers, suppliers, and investors benefit from our efforts. We live by our company’s principles, as they have already led us to many successes.

Our principles include:

  • Putting the customer first– We always consider how the customer is affected—how to earn their trust and ensure their satisfaction. Every decision starts with us thinking, “How will this impact our customer?”
  • Owning it– We want everyone to have an entrepreneurial spirit at Acktify. That means being willing to take responsibility and do more to help.
  • Being proud of your mistakes– We take ownership of mistakes and failures and use them as a learning and teaching opportunities while rewarding risk-taking.
  • Thinking huge– We find it necessary to believe in ourselves and the things around us in addition to believing that we are capable of doing great things.
  • Being open– We accept responsibility for the things we decide and do, specifically when circumstances aren’t the exact way we want them to be.
  • Making things happen– Everyone moves fast to take deliberately planned risks using their best judgment.
  • Working smarter– We apply our time, resources, and work to the proper goals.
  • Never resting– We always strive to be better and never accept how others do it.
  • Balancing– We always put family first.

These principles represent the best of our culture and describe the ideals we aspire to as a company. When collaborated, our company’s principles lead us down the path of success. Let Acktify take your business to the next level.

Why Work for Acktify?

  • Flexible working schedule, we all have families and lives to focus on too !
  • Innovative Company
  • Customer First Mentality
  • Growing in Excess of 50% Each Year
  • One of the Industry Leaders in the Future of Retail, Online Marketplaces