Acktify Technology Leadership

How does our technology drive our company growth?

At Acktify, we are a fast-moving, innovative, Boston based, Frictionless Commerce Platform © that sells direct to the consumer on global marketplaces including Amazon, Wal-Mart, and eBay. Our technologies allow us to not only meet current consumers’ demands but any future changes in demands, as well.

Acktify’s technology and process innovation has created a Frictionless Commerce Platform ©:

  • Content- Our solutions systemically integrates product content to global marketplaces, managing 2.5million+ images, product details, UPC’s, and product attributes for 500,000+ unique items sourced from more than 55,000 consumer product companies.
  • Pricing– Our pricing technology allows us to dynamically offer the best, fully-delivered price across hundreds of thousands of items, residing into as many as 56 shipping locations, on every major on-line marketplace at the same time.
  • Sourcing– Our sourcing technology allows us to purchase the lowest-landed items from any of our locations—balancing product cost, freight, and proximity to the consumer.
  • Logistics- We work with Suppliers three different ways. For suppliers that can drop ship direct to a consumer we integrate with their order management system. For suppliers who do not have the capabilities to ship direct to the consumer we have two solutions. First, we can install, fully at our cost, the Acktify Hyper Thin Shipping Solution, and enables any supplier to ship direct to consumer. Second, we have a traditional distribution network with warehouses in Melrose MA, Chicago IL, Las Vegas NV, and Spokane WA where we can receive shipment from suppliers and managing all consumer shipping.

These state-of-the-art technologies have allowed our company to deliver a five year 33% Compounded Annual Growth Rate on our diverse catalog with over 500,000 items. Since our establishment, we have become an industry leader in the growing world of online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

Why Work for Acktify?

  • Flexible working schedule, we all have families and lives to focus on too !
  • Innovative Company
  • Customer First Mentality
  • Growing in Excess of 50% Each Year
  • One of the Industry Leaders in the Future of Retail, Online Marketplaces