Amazon FBA is costing more in 2022.

If you didn't know, there’s a new FBA fee structure in place, affecting everything from fulfillment to removal and disposal fees. We're seeing price increases of up to 124% - and that's not including any of the costs tied to AMZ FBA's "unpublished" changes, which can be even more costly than the fee increases themselves... 

Don't want to get hit with unforeseen, fluctuating fees, changes, and and delays? Instantly access our whitepaper where we lay out all the 2022 changes (published and unpublished) you should be aware of.

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2022 FBA Changes Whitepaper

What’s Inside?

Businesses already see the eCommerce potential of Amazon; however, there’s still work to do. Find out how to manage all the Amazon changes and tap into new markets.

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All 2022 FBA Fee

Amazon has put a new fee structure into effect this year. Not only will sellers will be hit with an average of 5.2% higher fees but also a fuel and inflation surcharge.

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Amazon’s Unpublished

There are several “hidden” Amazon changes that you may not have known about. We break down the top 4 changes that sellers needs to be aware of as they navigate Amazon in 2022.

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How to Maximize Your
AMZ Potential

Did you know that 100M+ AMZ customers don’t pay for Prime? This means that brands and distributors need to diversify their eCom strategies now more than ever.

2022 FBA Changes Whitepaper

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