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Using technology, process, partners, and people to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction on Global marketplaces.

Leading the Way in Global eCommerce Marketplaces

Frictionless Commerce Platform© using technology to create great consumer value on every marketplace.

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Boston Based Frictionless Commerce Platform ©

Online Marketplace Retailer

Are you looking for a new, inventive way to expand your business? Acktify is a Boston-based Frictionless Commerce Platform © selling directly to consumers on global marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. We use protected technology and proprietary processes to optimize both the selling price of our products and the high-speed fulfillment of orders direct to consumers. Acktify has become a Top 50 Seller on every marketplace we service. We have collected a 98% positive customer feedback rating across tens of thousands of annual consumer reviews.

Acktify difference:

  • An innovative company where technology enables success
  • A customer-first mentality
  • An industry leader in online marketplaces
  • Use of advanced analytics and a state-of-the-art logistics execution tools

Wholesalers, Distributors, and Manufacturers ensure your business grows when you partner with us at Acktify. No matter what you are selling, we can sell it on the world’s best marketplaces!

What Acktify Does

Customer demands change daily, which is why it is important to work with our Frictionless Commerce Platform © that can keep up with these demands. We are constantly offering new options, experiences, products, and services so every customer is happy. Our company goes above and beyond to be our customers’, our marketplaces’, and our suppliers’ first choice. We are always striving to better ourselves as a company to further enhance our customers, employees, and marketplaces’ experience.

Work with Acktify Today

Whether you are a business owner or manager looking for a pathway to global marketplaces, or an individual searching for a job at an exceptional company, consider Acktify. While we haven’t been in the business as long as other companies, our company has made an incredible impact on everyone we do business with. Contact us at to learn more about our company and how we can help you!

Why Work for Acktify?

  • Flexible working schedule, we all have families and lives to focus on too !
  • Innovative Company
  • Customer First Mentality
  • Growing in Excess of 50% Each Year
  • One of the Industry Leaders in the Future of Retail, Online Marketplaces